The Weavers Factory:

The Weavers Factory is an Art Gallery, Gift Shop and Tea Rooms based in Saddleworth. We were asked to go and film a short docuementary, discussing the history of the  building and its former owner Joan Charnley, who bequeathed the building to Julian and Nigel with a wish for them to turn this beautiful building in to an Art Gallery.

Since filming with the Weavers, we have edited all of their monthly artist videos, which are shown at the gallery alongside their ever changing exhibitions.

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Virgin Radio // Revolutions In Music // The Story of New Order.

We joined Radio DJ Pete Mitchell as he interviewed members of New Order, (Bernard // Steven // Gillian) discussing their history and the beginnings of the band post Joy Division.  The video was used as social media promotional material, the audio (recorded by Virgin) was used as part of the larger radio documentary.

Sherbert Lemon // Invibio Project

A freelance project for the marvellous Sherbert Lemon agency, based in Blackpool. We went International for this one, a whirlwind trip to Lisbon to cover Invibio at the EAO Dental Connference in 2019: With a series of interviews and keynote speeches, as well as filming some digital content for the conference stand. A great proejct and a marvellous company to work with.

Suburban Green

Our first foray in to food and drink and a joint venture with 5Point6 Photography. We took a trip down to Suburban Green in Wilmslow to grab some imagary for their Autumn Winter Menu. If you're looking to refresh your site or you're searching for professional social images, get in touch to speak to us about what we can offer you and your reatraunt/bar/cafe


Warsteiner 1753 Facebook Live Campaign

Over the past year or so, MLM have been working with Huddle Media, based in Blackpool on the Warsteiner 1753 Facebook Live Event streams; offering camera, lighting, sound and tech services for each of the shows which are a mix of lifestyle/interviews and live music. 

We've loved working with the team at Huddle and look to continue the relationship over the coming months.


Sinners Attire.

I was asked to join Sinners Attire, on their E-commerce photo shoot for their autumn winter collection, with a brief of creating a master video and series of shorter stings for use on social media and their website.  A great company to work with and we are hoping to work together agin in the future. 


The Textus Roffensis

A film produced for Rochester Cathedral, this film documents the digitisation process as well as a description of the books history and importance. 

With contributions from Michael Wood and Dr Alixe Bovey. The film formed part of a collection of work for an exhibition in Rochester Cathedrals refurbished crypt, the new home of the Textus Roffensis.

The playlist also includes readings and translations from the book itself, which helped to form an educational project/DVD Rom. 

Click to see the blog post >>here<<

Digitising Newman.

Manchester Lights was asked to produce a film for the National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS), who are based in Pittsburgh.

The film was commissioned to help promote the 3 year project to digitise the works of John Henry Newman. This project, a collaboration between NINS and The Centre For Heritage Imaging and Collection Care (CHICC) in Manchester has the long term aim of producing an on-line library of Cardinal Newmans work, for scholars, academics and the public alike. This was a fantastic project to work on and is the fourth project produced in conjunction with Manchester Lights and CHICC

This version ommits an additonal 1.30 of footage that was shot and edited in the US.

Barbershop Beard.

MLM has created a number of works for Barbershop Beard. Including several short promotional videos and video blogs, the design, creation and maintenance of the website, all promotional material including posters, wholesale price catalogue and the design of all packaging for the companies products. 

To see the work for Barbershop Beard in more detail, please click >>here<<

Barbershop Beard. Video Blog


A video blog shot recently for Barbershop Beard. featuring Photography from www.5point5.co.uk For more information, see the our blog post for Barbershop Beard >>here<<

Manchester City Council. All Sorts To Do.

Manchester City Council commissioned the company to create several videos shocasing the range of activities available to the under 16s across Manchester during the Summer Holidays. The videos were intended as promotional tools which would be shown in various venues. The Council were really pleased with the final product and have used it both as a promotional and training tool. This is the extended version of the film, we also created two shorter films to accompany this one.

The Centre For Heritage Imaging and Collection Care.

The Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care, based at The University Of Manchesters, John Rylands Library, commissioned MLM to produce 2 short videos, highlighting the work that takes place at the centre. 

MLM has maintained a fantastic working relationship with CHICC and has worked with a number of their clients to produce films documenting the digitisation process. 

Fac251. The Factory Manchester

Self Shooting Operator and Editor.

Filmed and Edited on behalf of Red Button Films. This playlist documents the trials and tribulations endured whilst preparing for the opening of FAC251, The Factory in Manchester. These Vlog style videos include interviews with Peter Hook (New Order), Mani (Primal Scream/Stone Roses).

MLM filmed and edited several of these videos.

(Low Res Video)

Proud and Loud

Manchester Lights has had a long running relationship with Proud and Loud Arts, a theatre company run by young disabled people from Salford.

Over the years, we have created a short promotional film as a way of attracting new members, as well as creating multimedia content for two of their performances which took place at The Lowry Theatre, we have also filmed several of their performances for archive and promotional purposes.

The video here was used to document and promote their 'Cells A Body of Work' touring performance, a powerful performance art piece exploring several themes which are important to the group.

To view some of the work, click >>here<<


Love Cheesecakes

we worked with Lancashire based Cheesecake producer, Love Cheesecakes, who produce individual cheesecakes for events, weddings and food festivals.

We produced a 2 part film, the first of which is an introduction to the work the company do, the second, aimed at future investors, is an animated explainer video, detailing where any invested money would be spent. This was a great project to work on and we suggest you head over to the website to order some cheesecakes for yourself, they are quite brilliant.


Just Turf

Just Turf is a short film tailor for a Kickstarter campaign by Manchester based theatre group, Aqueous Humour.

MLM has a very long standing relationship with the company and was asked to help them produce the film. I spent a number of days with the company whilst they devised character and plot ideas, the company then wrote a short script and we spent two short days filming in the North West, the film is a dark, silly and very odd look at the dysfunctional life of an Irish spinster

KS3 Pupil Referral Unit. Drama Therapy Evaluation

Manchester Lights Media has a long standing relationship with Aqueous Humour and our most recent commission by the theatre company, has been to create a short evaluation film for their 'Drama Therapy' project which has been an ongoing project at Richmond Park, Key Stage 3, Pupil Referral Unit. Which is a school for pupils who have been removed from mainstream education. The aims of the project has been to help the young people gather skills to help them back in to mainstream schools, through the use of drama activities and games.

Filmed over several sessions, with contributions from Drama therapist, Jennifer Riding, support staff and staff from the school.

Grill Stock

A short edited created from B-Roll, shot at GrillStock Manchester. This edit was created from footage left over from the Love Cheesecakes shoot, it seemed a shame to have so much footage of outstanding BBQ'd meat go to waste.  

Beetham Tower

Self initiated motion graphic. 


Count Dave

Trailer for self initiated short film. (Low Res)


Interview Synch Export w TimeCode.Still001

Merchants of Print

1 x 12 minute Documentary

The Merchants of Print exhibition was held at The University of Manchester, John Rylands Library between January and June 2015. The exhibition, a collaboration between the Italian Language dept and John Rylands University, delved in to the libraries huge collection of printed books by the Aldine Press, a book press founded by Aldus Manutius. This documentary explores some of the works by the press. The documentary will also explore the rather unexpected process of testing parchments to discover which animal skins were used for printing.

Contributions by Prof. Steven Milner. Serena Lecturer Manchester University.

Video and Media Production