Manchester Lights offer a variety of services including but not limited to the following.

Promotional Videos for your buisness or organisation. It’s commonly known that video and viral marketting can go a long way to assist in the promotion of your buisness and can help you stand from the crowd. We can film, edit and produce a video that shows best, how your company operates. Join the thousands of others who have used video integrated in to their sites to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Corporate and Events Filming.
From conferences to product launches, Manchester Lights can assist you in creating a video that will document the day or the run up to your new products release. This could prove useful for training purposes or to send on to delegates that were unable to attend the day.

We can assist from the initial production stages, offering ideas on how best to utilise video as the project develops, or we can simply join you on the day/launch and provide you with a step by step DVD that archives the day.

Community Projects
If you are a part of, or run a community project and would like to attract further funding and/or members to your group; video can be a great way to catch the attention of potential members/funders. Stand out from the crowd, with a visual aid to go with your application.
We can create a package to suit your needs, from documentary style videos that explore the work that you do, to video testimonials of your current members/clients.

Theatre Performances & Concert filming.
If you have a performance of any kind that you would like archiving, from theatre shows to a gig, we can provide you with a package to suit your needs. Utilising as many cameras as you see fit, these videos can be useful for several reasons.
• Archiving the performance for future productions with new casts.
• A keep sake for the cast and crew.
• To draw additional funding for future projects.
• To assist in the analysis of a performance for students etc.

Multi Media Content
Whether its visuals for a performance or a gig, we can join you in the development stages of your production to provide you with multimedia content that will enhance the experience for your audience.

Music Videos.
Band, local music group or signed an independent artist looking to make their first real music video. Manchester Lights can provide you with a performance or concept video. We can work with you from the development stages of your video, helping you to create a concept and visual style for your video or step in to film a performance in the venue of your choosing, using a multi camera set up to catch the magic moment.

Regardless of your business or project type, video can assist to promote your business. Drop us an email via the ‘Contact Us’ page and leave a message with some details of your requirements and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Video and Media Production